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Vinyl lovers! Need a slipmat for your turntable? Well here's one of the most stylish you'll see! Seriously, your records will all sound at least 32%* better with one of these beauties nestling underneath.

make your deck look really fucking cool with one of these felt beauties with THE DOMESTICS 'East Anglian Hardcore' logo emblazoned upon it!

*percentage claim may not be scientifically accurate.

Sold on their own (£8.50) or in pairs (£15 - save £2!) POSTAGE IS EXACTLY THE SAME whether you buy singly or in pairs!

OVERSEAS POSTAGE: Not all countries are listed for postage (as bigcartel makes you list EVERY SINGLE COUNTRY separately, which takes FOREVER!!!) but we can post to any country so if your country isn’t listed please email with details of what you would like to order and we will work out a shipping price for you. Thanks.

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